Grange Hall 39

A Food Hall designed to bring new energy to Buena Park Downtown -- inspired by the rich history of Buena Park fruit stands and grange halls. 

Research and experimentation are an important part of our process. Working together with the property owner ODG has crafted a complete identity for a brand new destination within the existing shopping center. Grange Hall 39 is a space tailored both to a growing community and the imaginations of a lively weekend crowd just passing through. 

Buena Park, ca

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Crafting a sense of place involves touching all aspects of the experience - from the design of public courtyards and interior spaces to drafting tenant guidelines will shape the character of Grange Hall 39 for years to come.


We generate guidelines for the on-going life of the space to keep it vital and constantly evolving.  And yes, there are a few 'do's' and 'don't's listed!