Paramount Coffee Project

a new addition to the row

Arts District Los angeles, ca

Paramount Coffee Project is an adaptive reuse of an abandoned produce market originally built in 1918 at the recently developed ROW. The Australian group, in league with Otto Design Group, came together to create a delightful café with innovative material use, elegant custom furnishings, and graceful interventions that contrast against the historic shell.

Hand laid marble shards in the terrazzo floor greet cafe goers as they enter, a unique take on the typical monolithic approach to terrazzo. To stay true to the nature of terrazzo, which traditionally uses fragments, ODG sought out actual large marble remnants from fabricators around LA. Every piece is recycled and would have otherwise been thrown away. Recycled Rubber mat – often associated with playgrounds or gyms – is used for seat tops, a durable material that harmonizes with the terrazzo, uniting the indoor and outdoor wood and concrete seating. The café’s most unique feature is the on-site coffee roaster – visible to guests and passersby through large windows. ODG designed a custom table with an integrated drip tray and internal storage, so the owner’s can host cuppings of their on-site roasted coffees.

Artwork by: Sonny Day with Webuyyourkids (WBYK), Custom Tables Fabricated by: First Names Co., Photos by: Laure Joliet


“Combining [Ria Dolly Barbosa’s] skillset with a warm, inviting industrial dining space in Downtown just feels like a smart move by everyone involved. Now all that’s left is for the general dining public to come through for a meal.” - Eater LA