Sidecar Donuts 

A New Take on the California Donut Shop

Santa monica,ca

Sidecar infuses soulful energy into the art of donut making, using only the finest ingredients available - each donut is fresh and original. We designed, from start to finish, the donut shop’s home in the heart of Santa Monica.

Working with the unique art deco character of the building, we created a playful take on the classic California donut shop. Starting with an updated logo for the brass storefront signage, the process flowed all the way through to the smallest details of the space - complete with custom furnishings.

Creds: (custom fabrication) First Names Co.


“We went for a preview and it turns out we should stop doubting our friends; all the stuff they've been yelling at us is true, plus these donuts are damn incredible. So that you can start planning exactly what to order in the AM, these are our favorites, plus a shot of the inside 'cause we know you were wondering, and it’s actually seriously good looking.” - THRILLST LA