From Philip K Dick to Sneaker Culture

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, pn

We named Ubiq, but it was no quick decision. For years, ongoing collaborations with Nike left our team and the future Ubiq group wanting to have a unique language that wouldn’t interfere with Nike’s specific brand goals. The solution devised was to craft a new brand that could create a culture all its own. Digging into science fiction novels and movies, we found inspiration deep within the story of Blade Runner.

In the plot, a book exists called “Ubik” and it discusses the need for a product that is everywhere but nowhere simultaneously. We decided to bring this bit of science fiction to the real world. With the goal of making this brand ubiquitous, fluid, and adaptable, Ubiq was born. A street skate culture centric brand that had its own freedom to make a name that belonged to no one else and could be as rebellious as it dared to be.


“UBIQ is a must-visit cultural hub for the best in contemporary Philadelphia streetwear.” - Center City District