Big Brand, Personal Style

Wayne, PA

When we first discussed the idea of launching a feminine branch from the Urban Outfitters brand with this team, we had a keen interest to push as far as we could into the desire to create a brand essence that would speak to the deeper, anthropological, raw desires we have as sensory human beings. So, we aptly named the project Anthropologie (the ‘ie’ was a twist added by the owner on the traditional spelling of the word to make it stand out from the traditional, more clinical, reputation that the word might carry).

As the concept formed, Anthropologie was to feature American clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor that tapped into the softer side of a more (traditionally) feminine aesthetic. It was created by women with women as the main focus, to find objects that reflected their style from art and fashion to interiors and entertaining. Its style is rustic, town and modern country, with a continued underlying layer of handcrafted displays and interiors.

Today, Anthropologie has captivated their audience using beautifully curated imagery of dining tables, how-to guides and lovely products with their creative touch. It becomes apparent to see how simple stylistic choices can impact the overall aesthetic and effect of a brand.


“Walk into an Anthropologie store and you might feel as though the cool babysitter you idolized as a child has grown up and opened her own boutique.” - AIGA