Need Supply Co. 

Recycled Fashion becomes Mainstream

richmond, VA

We started by creating the name for this brand, then we worked hands on the create their store environment. Need Supply Co. was founded in 1996 selling vintage Levis, and was one of only a tiny handful of boutiques in its neighborhood of the Fan in Richmond, Virginia. Since then, the store has grown to encompass an impress stall of brands and a reputation for their sleek, minimal aesthetic.

Over the last two decades, the store has continued to support its neighbours, supplying wares made by artisans in the Richmond community, while also expanding their international reach. If you told a Richmond, VA resident in 1996 that 15 years later his go-to place for recycled Levi's, Need Supply Co., would become a nationally recognized store, carrying some of the most exciting international brands in fashion, he'd say, "Get out of town. No, seriously. Go to New York or Los Angeles, crazy."

But thanks to the reach of the internet, the rapid rise in online shopping, and a team of forward-thinking, graphically-inclined buyers and builders, Need has gone from small-town shop to a major online retail destination.


“Need Supply Co.’s Tokyo store is a celebration of their stylish brand of minimalism, both local and global.” - Kinfolk