Little Burgundy 

A Shoe Brand Steeped in Culture

Montreal, qc

Aldo Bensadoun the founder, of Aldo chain, came to us for help for the direction of their soon-to-be shoe store in Montreal, Canada. With a desire to create an inde-leaning brand that would fill the gap (of stores like Urban Outfitters) in the market for shoes, we assisted in honing in their vision to root it in the local culture.

From the naming through prototype, we consequently sought to create an authentic base that looked toward the neighborhood of Little Bugundy itself, which encompasses the historic end of the underground railroad, and  home of the Montreal jazz festival, which is all rooted in a deep, rich culture. The agility of the hummingbird attracted us for the logo, and it is representative of how they approach idea the of a transient, transforming shoe culture.

To this day, Little Burgundy is a choice destination for branded footwear, handbags and accessories offering customers the latest styles from over 70 world-class brands.