Paris Baguette

A Fresh Take on French Baking, from Korea

las vegas, nv

For Paris Baguette, our task was to adapt their brand language for the US market and create a fresh, adaptable model that could be located in a variety of settings across the United States and eventually the globe. From top to bottom, we crafted an experience that showcases the quality of their products that are baked in-house daily, at every location.

Since the launch of the first shop in the Venetian in Las Vegas, this new language has carried across their US stores and set the stage for a clean, modern showcase for their fresh baked goods.

Creds: (AOR) PQNK


“We’ve had tons of interest in it because it’s a unique concept that has widespread appeal, and it does extremely high average unit volumes in all kinds of different settings… We have a number of different types of settings; you can’t put your finger on it and just say, ‘We’re a mall concept; we’re a market and drug [store] concept.’ We’ve made it in all kinds of venues and different real estate options.”

- L. Sidoti (P.B. chief chain director)