222 Gallery

A Culture and Community Hub


We turned the front of ODG headquarters into a gallery space that debuted artists the likes of Os Gemeos, David Ellis, Jose Parla, Jonathan Mannion, Shepard Fairey and Geoff McFetridge.

We created 222 Gallery as a forum for artists we met through a variety projects - Undefeated, Supreme, events for Jay-Z, etc. From Brazilian graffiti innovators Os Gemeos to the legendary Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGinnis, Jose Parla and David Ellis to name a few; 222 gallery hosted shows from NYC and Philly to LA and South Korea. We had the honor of developing things like the first skate deck show concept for Nike at X Games Philadelphia to billboard projects for Undefeated and Nylon magazine.


β€œThe space is stark and has a perfect, unfinished look and feel that allows the art to speak for itself instead of competing with some pretentious decor that is trying to make a statement. This place is rad.” - Carrie (a philly local)