Grange Hall 39

An Artisanal Culinary Collection

buena park, ca

Grange Hall 39 is a vibrant market hall inspired by the rich legacy of Buena Park’s roadside fruit stands along the historic Route 39 and communal grange halls where growers and communities gather. Starting with the initial naming concept, Tenant Guidelines, and overall vision direction, we assisted the owner in crafting the guest experience from start to finish.

With more than 14 unique dining experiences to choose from, visitors of Grange Hall 39 at Buena Park Downtown will find new flavors, sights, and sounds every time they visit. Grange Hall 39 is a place to discover, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of an exciting food scene in an elevated and comfortable environment.

Creds: (AOR) PQNK


“An elevated place for a community seeking flavorful experiences and quality interactions. An established area for visitors seeking novelty, value, authenticity, and a place to rest and relax.” - PQNK