Midland General Store

A Retail Boutique for Founders of Bash Please

Culver city,ca

Paige Appel and Kelly Harris, the creative duo behind ‘Bash, Please’ selected Otto Design Group to create the perfect environment for their foray into brick and mortar retail. Working with inspiration ranging from wheat fields of the Midwest, Santa Fe art colonies, and Japanese tea houses we conceived of Midland’s Culver City location as a suite of memorable moments - comprised of refined materials set against a rough hewn shell.

“My new favorite area to hang is Culver and of course they have their own version of a General Store. Midland with a logo cooler than a cucumber, and a selection of items you just have to have. It's situated on Washington Boulevard which is just a hop and skip away from Platform which I mentioned in my previous coffee guide here. Just in general there is so many exciting things going on in Culver. At this shop you’ll find a great compilation of LA’s most talented indie designers alongside a mix of stateside and global goods.”

- Shivers Daily LA


"For this project, we got to do us, which felt great... Somehow everything we like comes together here."

- Kelly Harris & Paige Appel ( LA TIMES)