Pacific City

Bringing the Inside, Out

Surf City (Huntington Beach), CA

The developers of Pacific City wanted to create a destination for locals that felt unique to Huntington Beach and it’s outdoor, beach centric lifestyle. Our approach to the furniture design and selection was to craft each area like a different room in a house.

Every sitting area at Pacific City has a distinct character and invites guests to take a break, enjoy a snack, or simply soak in the iconic ocean view. Pieces custom designed for the beachfront project include graphic umbrellas that create a map of the local coastline and heavy timber benches that recall SoCal’s famous piers. 

Creds: (custom fabricator) First Names Co.

“We knew Huntington Beach when it was still a sleepy surf town… Prior to Pacific Mall, the only shopping options around were the surf stores on Main Street or discount stores at Five Points. But Pacific City has changed all that and brought a unique mall to the neighborhood.”

- Humber (HB Local)