hyundai Centerstage

los angeles,ca

This event was sponsored by Hyundai as a part of their emerging artist support program. Guests could listen to a track and vote for it by stepping on a floor pad to show the track as waveform on a huge screen.

The scale of the screens was pivotal to the experience, as we wanted users to feel immersed in the technology so that the undulating abstract forms that moved on the LED backdrops seemingly transported those in front of it into the songs themselves.

Creds: with David Levine and L.O.V.E.

“The Recording Academy and Hyundai today announced the launch of Amplifier Center Stage: A GRAMMY U Initiative — a catalyst for music innovation and artist development in the digital era. The program, which unites emerging and aspiring artists with established artists to mentor their careers, will run through the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards season with the winners announced at an official GRAMMY Week event on Jan. 23, 2014”

- Grammy Awards Recording Academy