This week, September 2018, Philip will be a returning panelist at Outpost’s Tradshow. Click on the image above to see the video of the conversation centered around consumer behavior at last year’s Outpost Tradeshow.

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Here at Otto Design Group, we’ve got a lot of exciting things going on and we want to take the extra moment to give you a glimpse into our process, our projects, the LA lifestyle, upcoming events, and much more. Stay tuned for updates on what’s coming soon and check out some of our past collaborations with brands from all over the globe.

In The Works : REI Kingsbury

Coming soon to Chicago, IL

We’re excited to announce that our friends over at REI are opening our design concept for their new store location in the heart of Chicago’s “wild mile” along the north branch of the up-and-coming canal area. Complete with natural habitat improvements, pedestrian trails and walkways, fishing stations, viewing platforms, canoe launches, and many other amenities, this is a reinvisioned store experience that you won’t want to miss. 

Turning away from the busy Chicago arterial, guests will enter through the Parkscape side-street and immediately will be greeted by a towering A-frame, Great Lakes style cabin on the second level that you can stop and grab a cup of coffee and regroup from the strain of navigating urban traffic and transport. As you work your way in, the main space opens to a sprawling view of the river, and the divide between the city and the outdoors is momentarily blurred. Looking around the canal and the surrounding natural landscape, there is always something new to see every season.

Parked permanently at the basin nearby, a former industrial barge will be converted into a garden that is maintained by the community, almost like a miniature floating island. And with the new walking paths that will be established, you will be free to wander around and really take in the breadth of this hidden district in Chicago. And if you’re still craving more adventure, REI will be launching canoes and kayaks from their dock so you can try out their gear before you buy, allowing you to take a relaxing paddle on the river to downtown Chicago.

This new experience is guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective of the city, and will set the stage for a new age of unexpected retail experiences. You can look forward to this new REI launch around fall 2019, so stay posted to see how it develops.