Jack Erwin 

Handmade Quality in Midtown Manhattan

new york, nyc

Jack Erwin's Winter Fitting Room at 245 Park Avenue was a collage of New York City experiences - from streets and sidewalks to museum walls.

Using honest, quality materials, we sought to showcase Jack Erwin shoes as objects of desire and quality craftsmanship, contrasting the refinement of the shoes against the rough, raw materiality of cinder blocks, stone, wood and leather seating.


“For the store’s sleek, modular design, which retains the building’s exposed ceilings and concrete floors and adds cinder block and marble accents, the brand collaborated with Otto Design Group, The Jack Erwin pop-up features mini pop-ups from other brands, including Mark Weldon underwear, and an in-store café from coffee brand Bluestone Lane is due to open in February…”

- Metropolis Magazine